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Most difficult task for a Life Insurance officer is to come out of the traps of lengthy calculations & manage the data efficiently. Many of them hire an assistant which cost them a little higher. But here is a software solution that would do the work just like any assistant without demanding salary payment. In other words, we are offering you efficient & potable virtual manager software, named BLISS CLIA Advisor which is equipped with the advanced database management systems and the latest marketing management technique. In addition, it provides the great deal of following features.

BLISS CLIA Advisor Features

  • One page slide for presenting all plans in easily readable format
  • Voice interactive services for providing you a real assistant like help
  • Free provision of essential data calculators for death claim, joint age.
  • All important alert in the interactive voice interface
  • Database management skills
  • Intimation alert on system startup
  • Efficient record management of maturity intimations like GIC, KVP, NSC
  • Commission claim record (P.P.F. & PO)

In addition to above official features, BLISS CLIA Advisor is also equipped with the relationship management skills which enable it to offers alerts for birthday & anniversary dates. Also, it can provide anniversary & seasonal greetings.

The BLISS CLIA Advisor is the perfect software for the Chief Life Insurance Advisors. Talking about the quality, the positive feedbacks & comments of its users are the compliment in itself. The technology of the software combines the qualities of a manager & assistant so that you can get one stop solution for all your management needs. The software is highly versatile & robust which makes it to survive heavy loads of data without being overload.

The BLISS CLIA Advisor is provided with all the advanced database management skills in addition to the modern interaction system including voice. The interface has been kept very simple to ease the process of handling. It works well mainly for those who have less computer knowledge & want to yield fine results in generation of reports & plan presentations. Despite being full of so many features, the product is highly affordable which makes it a must buy product for all the Life Insurance Chief Life Insurance Advisors.


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