Terms & Conditions

This agreement is between you (the user) and BLISS Infosoft Pvt. Ltd.

  1. This software will always remain the property of BLISS Infosoft Pvt. Ltd., even after you have paid one time fee for the limited right to use the software.
  2. You may not copy the documentation or the software except of backup purpose.
  3. You must prevent unauthorised copies of the software from being made.
  4. You have been granted the license to use the software on a single machine.
  5. You may not make any transactions or transmissions of the documentation or the software. 
  6. You may not make any changes to the software or the banner of the software.
  7. You may not rent, loan, lease or transfer the software to another user.
  8. BLISS Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to change or enhance the documentation or the software without any prior notice to you. 
  9. The law of the state of Uttar Pradesh, India will govern the interpretation of this agreement.
  10. Some of the features in this software are dependent upon third party softwares / websites. BLISS Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. disclaims any liability for discontinuation of these features arising due to any reason whatsoever.
  11. BLISS Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. disclaims any liability for errors in the software.
If any part of the agreement turns out to be invalid, the warranty is void for future. After sale services will be stopped from that time without assigning any reason to the user.

BLISS Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. warrants that the software will perform substantially, under normal use and without any unauthorised modification for a period of one year.

This package will carry limited warranty for a period of one year after which the user has to pay additional charges for any modification or services required from BLISS Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. as stated time to time.

BLISS Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. disclaims all other warranties, either express or implied including but not limited to implied for any particular purpose, with respect to the software, the accompanying written materials.

In no event shall BLISS Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. or its suppliers be liable for any damages whatsoever, including (without limitation) damages for loss of business information, business interruption, or any other pecuniary loss, arising out of the use of or inability to use this BLISS product, even if BLISS Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. or its suppliers have been advised of the possibility of such damages.