BLISS Tab Plus Launched

We proudly announce that we are introducing a new product BLISS TAB PLUS in the market by today Tue, 16-07-2013. BLISS TAB PLUS is supported on all Android based mobile handsets.

Main Features of BLISS TAB Plus:

  • Convenient and effective Plan Presentation of all running LIC plans with year wise: Risk Cover (Normal & Accidental), Premium, Tax Saved, Net premium, SB/Maturity and Loan Value.
  • Option to mix one or more plans any number of times as per requirement to generate combination plan presentation.
  • Option to Save Quotation and to Load existing Quotation.
  • Option to save plan presentation in .PDF format.
  • Option send presentation direct via email as .PDF format.
  • Option to add or remove available riders.
  • Editable current Bonus & FAB Rates.

Software Version: 13.07.09

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