BLISS Combo - All in One

BLISS Combo - All in One
BLISS Combo - All in One
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BLISS Combo is mixture of BLISS Apps, provides easy access to all BLISS Mobile Apps through one single license.

 ==> Servicing Module (Mobile Agent Pro)- Data Management with real time NB & FUP Update.
 ==> Sales Module (Tab)- Premium Calculator with SB, Bonus, FAB & Maturity.
 ==> CRM Module (InsureMax)- Personalized greetings, Plan & Concept Brochures.
 ==> Online Tools (PT)- Policy Status, Late Fee, Premium Certificate etc of Policies.
 ==> Plan Presentation- (Tab Plus)- BLISS Plans, Plan Combination & Idea Mix.
 ==> All Sharing options- Whatsapp, Facebook, Email, SMS etc.

.... And many more exciting features !!!

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