BLISS Mobile Agent Pro

BLISS Mobile Agent Pro
BLISS Mobile Agent Pro BLISS Mobile Agent Pro
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A must to have APP for all Life Insurance Professionals using Android based smart phones. BMA Pro enables you to do almost all basic policies related task like generating various reports and sharing them. It also empower you to download all your data and updating FUP using your Life Insurance login. Creating policy records and managing them was never so handy. Being Always with you it enables you to serve your clients anytime, anywhere. It will keep you ahead, always.


  1. Sort List Of Your Clients With Name, Family Code.
  2. Get Handy Clients Related Report Like Birthday, Anniversary.
  3. Get Policies Related Reports Like Premium Due, Outstanding, Lapsed, Multiple Due.
  4. Sort Policy Data With Various Options. You Can Edit, Delete Them As Well.
  5. Check Survival Benefit, Get Revival Amount Of Lapsed Policies & Much More.
  6. Download Your New Business.
  7. Update Your FUP.
  8. Synchronize Your Agent Advisor's Well Managed Data Easily.

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