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For a Life Insurance agent, it is very important to access the information of its client in the easily readable format. It makes no sense to have the bulk of data recorded in the diary, which needs 5 to 10 minutes to search for particular information of the client, say death claim coverage of Mr. XYZ, mainly when you are on move. Definitely, one would require a clever data retrieval tool.

The BLISS Mobile Agent is the software that serves the purpose of data retrieval well. It offers the information of the client sorted in the particular order, as & when required. The software is equipped with the features to provide information right on your mobile so that you can access your data even when you are on the move. In addition to this wonderful facility, BLISS Mobile Agent has many adorable features that make it a perfect data retrieval tool.

BLISS Mobile Agent Features

  • Name wise sorted list of client
  • Family wise sort facility
  • Policy wise sorting
  • List of policy & plans of a particular family
  • List of all the greeting eves like birthday, anniversary & festivals

The sorting can be done in the format which Life Insurance agent prefers. In addition to the family & client’s info, you can retrieve the important dates & record of your client. This makes the BLISS Mobile Agent a very portable portfolio manager system which you can carry in your pocket.

The BLISS Mobile Agent is compatible with Android mobile phone. The only additional requirement is the Java activation on the mobile phone. Also, the program can be used on the tablet PCs, giving you the ultimate data diary for all your client information.

The connectivity of this software with the BLISS Agent Advisor removes all the hassle of entering the vast amount of data as all the information is automatically loaded by the software from the BLISS Agent Advisor’s database.

The integration of so many helpful features does not sweep away its affordability, making it a fine tool that every Life Insurance agents can buy to make their business expand with ease.


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