BLISS Agent Plus

BLISS Agent Plus
BLISS Agent Plus
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Product Code: v 12.07.30

Life Insurance Development Officer is supposed to achieve the target instead of managing the bulk of the client’s data on its own. Also, it would really hamper your performance if you are calculating the complex figures, say death risk cover, during a plan presentation to reputed client.

All these works are to be done by an assistant. Understanding the need of a Life Insurance Development officer, we have provided a simple yet effective software solution which takes care of all this management work, while you can focus on the main target of your business. Our BLISS Agent Plus is equipped with the essential skills that help you a lot.

Insure Thought

This is the interactive section that deals with presentation in the interactive format, adding a strong effectiveness in your presentation of insurance themes & concepts. The slides are customizable & can be easily read & understood in just once glance.

Life Insurance Products

This is the important section as it is responsible for presentation of all the Life Insurance circulars, plans & schemes. The regular update patch on the website helps it to maintain the latest available data for the circular & forms. The ease to search & sort interface never traps you in the large list of form & circular database.

Intimation Hit

This section serves you as the connectivity option by offering you the flexible connection with you prospects, clients and associates. The facility of e-SMS & letter intimation makes it a wonderful section of BLISS Agent Plus.

Download facts

The updates & latest info download is the vital part of the Life Insurance officer’s work. Hence, this section plays an important role by offering you a strong downloading tool.

In short, it is a complete business management interactive section that offers the efficient & reliable storage for the entire Development officer’s data, like business presentation, plan sachems, in both printable & interactive format. Overall, the BLISS Agent Plus is the complete pack of essential tools that a Life Insurance Development officer must have.

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